[asterisk-users] Asterisk crashes suddenly

Daniel - Asterisk earohuanca at gmail.com
Wed May 28 11:46:42 CDT 2014

Hello friends,

I have been experienced suddenly stops for my Asterisk server, I do not why
is it happening. Asterisk's debug messages only tell me I have lacked g729
codec for translation to one peer minutes before the crashes occur

[2014-05-27 09:48:30] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] channel.c: Unable to find
a codec translation path from (ulaw) to (g729)
[2014-05-27 09:48:30] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] chan_sip.c: Asked to
transmit frame type g729, while native formats is (ulaw) read/write =
[2014-05-27 09:48:30] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] chan_sip.c: Asked to
transmit frame type ulaw, while native formats is (g729) read/write =
[2014-05-27 09:48:30] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] channel.c: Codec mismatch
on channel SIP/20108-00000051 setting write format to g729 from ulaw native
formats (ulaw)

And it stops after a failed attended transfer between two of my SIP peers.

[2014-05-27 09:48:32] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] channel.c: No path to
translate from SIP/20108-00000051 to SIP/30201-00000052
[2014-05-27 09:48:32] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] channel.c: Can't make
SIP/20108-00000051 and SIP/30201-00000052 compatible
[2014-05-27 09:48:32] WARNING[15384][C-0000017c] features.c: Bridge failed
on channels SIP/20108-00000051 and SIP/30201-00000052
There are no more messages from Asterisk but I have found this message on
kern.log, messages  and syslog.1 on /var/log/:
May 27 09:48:32 pbx-thor-PE kernel: [334427.888524] asterisk[15384] general
protection ip:482a13 sp:7f335b87c898 error:0 in asterisk[400000+221000]

I am using Debian 7.5 64 bits with Asterisk 11.9.0

Thank you!

Elder D. Arohuanca
Lima - Peru
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