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Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Mon May 12 13:33:45 CDT 2014

Thanks for the info everyone.
 With our particular dial plan. We break out _321 _305 _407.. Local area 
codes, And handle them differently. Where is _NXX555 XXXX works for numbers 
not specifically broken out. The fix for this was adding more specific 
_321555XXXX for those handful of areacodes. Letting _NXX555XXXX handle the 
 Thanks to everyone that replied.
 Nick Olsen
Network Operations  (855) FLSPEED  x106


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Hello All, Looking for a little guidance on Real Time Pattern Matching.
 We are attempting to block outbound 411 via when someone dials 
NXX-555-XXXX, The must common being NXX-555-1212. However, We have some 
outbound providers that consider any call to NXX-555-XXXX a directory 
assistance call. So simply making my pattern _NXX5551212 doesn't work.
 So as you can see from the lines below. If I Dial 321-555-1212 the call is 
being applied to _321NXXXXXX not my _NXX555XXXX. I assume because they are 
equally specific. Does anyone have any creative ideas to pattern match 
NXX-555-XXXX besides what I've done here?
 1056    outbound    _NXX555XXXX    1    Goto    outbound-411,411,1    
Block Dir Assist
1057    outbound    _1NXX555XXXX    1    Goto    outbound-411,411,1    
Block Dir Assist
1776    outbound    _321NXXXXXX    1    Goto    outbound-cocoa,${EXTEN},1   
 Outbound 321 Catchall
1777    outbound    _1321NXXXXXX    1    Goto    outbound-cocoa,${EXTEN},1  
  Outbound 1321 Catchall

 If you're always trying to catch "555" for the prefix, instead of playing 
with pattern matching the extension, you could test on the substring:
 exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,GotoIf($["${EXTEN:-7:3}" = 
 This example would match any "1+Area code+number where the prefix is 
"555". You could play with your pattern match to catch call to 1+AC+Number 
and just AC+Number using this same test since it's right-delimited. 

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