[asterisk-users] Reload problems with 1.8.27 and 11.9.0 - Someone else ?

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Wed May 7 12:59:59 CDT 2014

Le 07/05/2014 18:53, Rusty Newton a écrit :
> On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Administrator TOOTAI <admin at tootai.net> wrote:
>> Le 07/05/2014 16:50, Rusty Newton a écrit :
>>> I contructed a basic sip.conf, and added this line to the end:
>>> #include /etc/asterisk/sip_includes/*.conf
>> Here is the point. Modify it the way explained in previous message, like
>> #include sip_includes/*.conf
>> You should face the problem. And if you run it twice in a raw, it will do
>> nothing the second time.
> Unfortunately, no. I went ahead and tried this as well. I still get
> working behavior even when using
> #include sip_includes/*.conf

Please try the includes *exactly* as I have them in sip.conf (same 
directories name and subdirectories) knowing that local is in /etc/asterisk


context=default-SIP             ; Default context for incoming calls
allowoverlap=no                 ; Disable overlap dialing support. 
(Default is yes)
realm=sip2.tootai.net           ; Realm for digest authentication
udpbindaddr=             ; IP address to bind UDP listen socket 
to ( binds to all)
srvlookup=yes                   ; Enable DNS SRV lookups on outbound calls
disallow=all                   ; First disallow all codecs
allow=g722                     ; Allow codecs in order of preference
language=fr                     ; Default language setting for all 
useragent=TOOTAiAudio           ; Allows you to change the user agent string
sdpsession=TOOTAiAudio PBX
videosupport=yes                ; Turn on support for SIP video. You 
need to turn this
alwaysauthreject = yes          ; When an incoming INVITE or REGISTER is 
to be rejected,
registerattempts=0              ; try for ever (default=10)
registertimeout=20              ; default

#include local/additional_sip-general.conf
#include local/additional_sip-register.conf


#include local/sip.d/*.conf


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