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Fronc Hias fronc.hias at gmail.com
Wed May 7 02:16:50 CDT 2014

FYI: Joshua Colp already replied to my initial post of this message in
he suggested to move it here (asterisk-users)

he so far stated, that early media/Video should theoretically work... but
probably no one tried this in recent times...

looking foreward to receive further information, thanks!

On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 9:09 AM, Fronc Hias <fronc.hias at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've been looking for information on how to use asterisk and early media
> to allow for a video-preview of the caller at the callee's phone for
> days... but I haven't been too successful :(
> I found that there seems to be a company "2N Helios IP" which claims
> (youtube-video) that "their" SIP server is able to provide early video
> (using a Grandstream 3157v2 with "preview" enabled), but I would like to
> have this with asterisk...
> I'm currently using asterisk 12.2.x.
> I tried with all kinds of combinations of "prematuremedia" and
> "progressinband" in sip.conf and many different
> dialplan-extension-"scripts" but to no avail...
> sniffing with wireshark shows me, that the caller (doorstation) is sending
> H.264 video but the RTP video stream is not passed on to the callee by
> asterisk. (establishing a direct-video - without preview - call does work
> of course)
> is it at all possible with a default asterisk installation? maybe using
> chan_pjsip instead of chan_sip?
> do the "prematuremedia" and "progressinband" properties only apply to
> audio and not to video?
> I think this feature is essential for a sip-device which is used as a
> door-station...
> any information / idea is highly appreciated!
> thanks,
> Fronc
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