[asterisk-users] Need help troubleshooting Asterisk Auto dial out problem

Jesse Thompson jesset at gmail.com
Thu May 1 16:50:11 CDT 2014

> Are the new files being named uniquely ?
> there are bugs (e.g., jira# 11291) that have to do with files having the
> same name.
> my solution was to add .$$ on the end of the filename to ensure it was
> unique.
> Yep, the files get a YYYY-MM-DD_HH:ii:ss- timestamp prefix in their names
before being mv'ed into the spool directory (same filesystem) and are never
realistically fired of more than once per second. Logic behind this was
that after they get moved automatically into the "outgoing_done/" folder by
asterisk, we've got a rough log in the filenames of which alarms got
tripped at what times. :)

- - Jesse
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