[asterisk-users] AGI GET DATA behavior

Hoggins! fuckspam at wheres5.com
Thu May 1 07:36:22 CDT 2014


Yes, it is fairly simple, really.

And I found out about the return code of Asterisk enabling the agi
debugging, precisely.
The documentation of the "GET DATA" entry specifies that Asterisk should
either return "-1", nothing, or the actual result of what the user
entered, but never "0", am I right ?

The problem is that Asterisk's behavior is not constant : 1 time out of
4 or 5, without ANY change in the behavior of the user, Asterisk simply
does not wait for the user input, and returns "0" before the timeout.

Le 30/04/2014 13:10, Thorsten Göllner a écrit :
> Is your script really so simple?
> Enable agi debugging (agi set debug on) and take look at it when this
> happens.

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