[asterisk-users] Function REGEX

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Mon Mar 31 10:29:59 CDT 2014

Here is an example from one of my production dialplans

same => n,ExecIf(${REGEX("^1205|^1256|^1850|^1718|^1212|^1917|^1347|^1646|^1929" ${CALLERID(num)})}]?Hangup)

Assuming you meant 0-9 and not the literal X (which means nothing special in regular expressions):

same => n,ExecIf(${REGEX("^[0-9]5123$" ${EXTEN})}]?Hangup)

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I need help to use the function REGEX. My question is if is possible test a expression as [X123 == 5123] ( If an extension corresponding to a previously defined regular expression). I saw various examples about this function, but nothing as the my  needs. I do not understanding exactly how to works this function.


Rafael dos Santos Saraiva

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