[asterisk-users] Video calls using Cisco phones are 176x144(QCIF) and 15FPS both ways

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Mar 31 08:07:50 CDT 2014

Matt Rabbitt wrote:
> We are experiencing an issue with our Cisco 9971 and 8945 phones where
> H264 video calls are connecting at 176x144 resolution instead of
> 640x480.  Soft clients can connect at higher resolutions and the 9971
> can even receive video at a higher resolution (although it still sends
> 176x144).
> I contacted one of the developers and he suggested the passthrough of
> SDP attributes is not working correctly.  Has anyone else experienced
> this problem?  We're running Asterisk 11.8.1.
> Below are the video parts of the sip debug for one of the phones during
> a video call.  Should I be seeing the "a=imageattr" in the SIP OK message?

It looks as though the passthrough for "fmtp" is indeed working but as 
the "imageattr" attribute is currently unsupported/not used/not passed 
through it is probably causing your resolution problem.


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