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John Novack jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Fri Mar 28 13:05:06 CDT 2014

Richard Kenner wrote:
>> Modifying a program you have legitimately acquired is Fair Dealing.
>> The Law of the Land gives you the right to do that, even if the
>> vendor restricts your exercise of that right in practice by
>> withholding the Source Code.
> That is false.  Modifying a program is "creating a derivative work".
> As purchaser of a copyrighted item, you normally *do not* have that right.
> And this certainly may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  For a
> (quite dated at this point) discussion of this issue from a US perspective,
> see
> http://www.law.berkeley.edu/php-programs/faculty/facultyPubsPDF.php?facID=346&pubID=157
> The author is a recognized expert in software IP law.
Of course, any good attorney will never commit to anything. They will never say it is alright to do X, unless X is do nothing

Patent & copyright attorneys seem especially non committal, at least in the US. probably because if any case ever goes to court, the decision and possible punishment is up to the whims of the judge and/or jury, and every law is up to interpretation, which can vary from moment to moment.

Law is not physics!

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