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Thank you so much everyone, I think I understand all I need for this. 

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> From: Haider Khalil <haiderkhalil at hotmail.com>


> Thank you Thorsten Göllner.


> Matthew, 


> What does violating license of Asterisk means ? Does it means I 

> won't be able to use any commercial modules or asterisk commercially

> ? I thought it was open and anyone can change the code ?


> Haider

I am neither a lawyer or a licensing expert, but the
basics are that if you make such a change for your own internal use, you
are probably fine. 

Example: You have 10 sites with Asterisk in them and
at each site you have someone in your company who has to log into the CLI
and do stuff. You change the header to pass them a message. This is probably
(not going to guarantee this) going to be fine as it is not something you
are releasing out into the wild nor are you selling it and making a profit
from it.

However, let's say you make a commercial project that
uses Asterisk under the hood and you change the header to hide the fact
that it uses Asterisk and that Digium has any ownership of the code. That
would be not be okay in most, if not all cases.

Basically, the code is open source, but it is still
owned by Digium and they have specific rights that you have to be careful
of in regards to licensing. If someone outside of your organization will
ever be running the code you change, there are specific rules that have
to be followed, including those that relate to releasing your changes to
the code and to giving credit back to those who wrote the code your code
is based on.

Basically, Richard Kenner is spot on. If you are unclear,
best to consult an attorney who specializes in this, especially if you
are redistributing the altered code.
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