[asterisk-users] SPA112 provisioning file questions

Noah Engelberth nengelberth at team-meta.net
Thu Mar 27 13:56:03 CDT 2014

To me, the settings you've sent look correct.  However, one thing I've found with SPA configuration files is that they're very picky - if they don't parse as valid XML anywhere in the file, it will pretty much silently discard the entire file.  The first troubleshooting step I use for SPA provisioning is to run all the configuration files a phone should be pulling through an XML validator, or pull them up in a browser and see if the browser handles it as XML (Chrome or IE seem to work equally well for this in my experience, but Firefox can get a bit cranky since the file isn't really an XML file with all the normal headers & tags).

Also, have you verified with logging on the provisioning server that the configuration file is actually being pulled?

Thank you,

Noah Engelberth
MetaLINK Technologies

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Hi all,

I've got a provisioning file that I use to configure Cisco SPA112's.

I'm wanting to get this file to do 3 things for me.  I want to turn T.38 on, Call forwarding off, and Call waiting, off for both lines.  but it's not working.

This is what I'm using to enable T.38 for line 1.

<FAX_Tone_Detect_Mode_1_>caller or callee</FAX_Tone_Detect_Mode_1_>
This is what I'm using to turn cfwd off on line 1.


This is what I'm using to turn call waiting off on line 1.

However, these setting don't seem be be getting set on the device, even after a reboot.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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