[asterisk-users] Spammer direct replying to those posting on the users list

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Wed Mar 26 07:52:25 CDT 2014

On Wednesday 26 Mar 2014, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> [Intentionally ignoring the Reply-to header in this reply. And yes, this
> is on-list]
> What if I wanted to reply to one of your messages off-list?
> My message would end up in asterisk_unwanted.

And it did -- which is why I have added a special note in my .signature file  
(and why I didn't dump rejected messages straight into /dev/null/ from the 
beginning; the first rule of procmail seems to be, you probably missed 
something).  A spammer probably isn't going to go to that sort of trouble.

But if you can think of anything else I can pick up on that will improve the 
reliability of identifying legitimate off-list mail, I'm open to suggestions.


Note:  Originating address only accepts e-mail from list!  If replying off-
list, change address to asterisk1list at earthshod dot co dot uk .

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