[asterisk-users] IAXModem or T38Modem?

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Mon Mar 24 13:34:00 CDT 2014

On Mon, March 24, 2014 01:41, Mike Diehl wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm installing Hylafax on my Asterisk system.  From what I've read, I can
> either use IAXModem or T38Modem to provide the virtual fax device.  So at
> the risk of starting a religious war, which one should I use?
> I don't mind running IAX if I have to.  I want as much flexibility and
> stability as I can get.
> So, what are your recommendations?
> Mike.

We use IAXModem-1.2.0 built from source and packaged as an rpm using
mock/rpmbuild together with Hylafax+-5.5.3 from epel.  Since April 2013 this
combination has been running two dedicated POTS lines through a TDM800-p8 on
our Atom CentOS-6.3 based Asterisk-11.7.0 (current version) box without any
reported difficulties (once I sorted out the upstart stanzas).

As this is the only combination I have experience with it is the only one I
can recommend.  But it has proven very reliable so far as I am aware and I
would be made aware pretty quickly if it was not.

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