[asterisk-users] Running configure from subdirectory of source tree

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Sun Mar 23 13:23:53 CDT 2014


Again, answering a bit late,

On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 09:24:11PM +0100, Gianluca Merlo wrote:
> 2014-03-05 20:08 GMT+01:00 Jason Parker <jason.parker at schmoozecom.com>:
> > That's not something that is likely to be supported.  Any configure
> > script in the tree will be run via the top-level build process, as
> > needed.
> Hello Jason,
> I admit I naively have yet to consider whether the actual build could work
> or not, and assumed (for lack of knowledge) it could. By chance, is yours
> an assumption or you have personally experienced (or know by understanding
> its inner workings) that the top level make does not perform correctly if
> the sources lie elsewhere (in this case, in the parent directory)?
> > Is there some reason you think you need to run the other
> > configure scripts yourself?
> >
> If your question is related to the origin of the need of configuring and
> building in a subdirectory, I am in need of building custom Debian packages
> for Asterisk, and my plan was to use a single source package to build
> several "monolithic" Asterisk binary packages, each with different
> configure options and patches to modify/add some functionalities (I
> currently compile and install them manually, and could use some
> Debian-magic-automation).

Why is that, BTW?

> Debhelper offers a "--builddirectory" option which allows to easily perform
> such task, and I already successfully used it on more simple software using
> the autotool build toolchain, but essentially this works as in my "manual"
> example, thus failing.
> Thanks in advance for your advice.

Does the rest of the build system support this? Anyway, the obvious
workaround is (cd ..; ./configure) .

If you can't use shell and must use an explicit command, add a wrapper

cd ..
exec ./configure "$@"

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