[asterisk-users] ast_writefile: No such format 'h261', yet h261 is the only video format that works.

David Woodfall dave at dawoodfall.net
Fri Mar 21 11:38:33 CDT 2014

Built asterisk 11.8.1 on a Debian VPS. Testing using ekiga.

If h261 is checked in ekiga's video format list I have video, and
mouse over the video window shows it to be using h261.

But then I get the following lines a dozen or more times in the CLI:

[Mar 21 16:25:32] WARNING[31818][C-00000010]: file.c:1241
ast_writefile: No such format 'h261'

The problem is that I can't seem to get h263 or h264 to show video.
They are checked in 'make menuconfig'.

./configure output shows h323.h to be missing.
If I install everything I can find to do with h323 using apt-get then
configure throws an error about not finding ptlib-config and halts.

I did search for this ptlib-config and found some old ML posts
reporting the same thing. I didn't find a cure though unfortunately.

I tried installing ptlib and openh323 from source but make in ptlib
errored out with something that I couldn't fathom out.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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