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Ron Wheeler rwheeler at artifact-software.com
Fri Mar 14 09:14:36 CDT 2014

If the sequence was really important, we would just move this whole list 
to a LinkedIn group and have a much better environment for following 
threads and managing the profiles of the group's members.
This is a pretty old system of managing peer support but it always takes 
a while to get legacy systems replaced.


On 14/03/2014 9:52 AM, James B. Byrne wrote:
> On Thu, March 13, 2014 15:32, Kevin Larsen wrote:
>>> On 13/3/14 6:27 pm, Eric Wieling wrote:
>>>> This is an example of why I top post.   Who wrote what?
> +1-1 = 0
> I do not care about where people put their replies so long as I can figure out
> who is answering what.  What I do not like to read is this interminable
> religious dogma about the 'natural' order of writing.  This is the second or
> third list this week in which this B.S. has shown up in my inbox.
> In written business communication, in contrast to tech-speak customarily found
> on mailing lists, ones answer always goes before any quoted context.  Not
> because it has to, it is just that I have seldom, if ever, seen it done any
> other way. And regular business communication with non-technical folk
> comprises well over 75% of my daily written communication.
> And while I understand the cultural motivation behind the dogma of bottom
> posting I remain sceptical respecting its utility.  Is there any objective
> evidence whatsoever that top or bottom posting makes any difference to the
> reader's understanding of the message?  Does any rigorously determined data
> exist to support that contention?  If not then this is simply a matter of
> trying to impose a set of arbitrary cultural values cloaked in the guise of
> technical superiority.
>>> Of course, if you use a mail client that's capable of quoting correctly,
>>> it all works beautifully.
>> Outlook can quote correctly, but it is an all or nothing setting it would
>> appear. Lotus Notes actually handles it better as there is a Reply option
>> for normal email and a Reply With Internet-Style History that I use for
>> this list. I don't have any problems following the rules of the list, but
>> I am fully on the side of the "Replies should go at the top" group and
>> would vote for a change in the rules.
> And do not even start on the Chevy vs. Ford debate respecting the technical
> superiority of Pine over Outlook.  GAWD... Life its too short as it is.

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