[asterisk-users] res-odbc sanity check reconnecting

jg webaccounts at jgoettgens.de
Fri Mar 14 07:14:42 CDT 2014

> I'm getting a lot of errors in CLI and this become annoying. And when I use database from 
> localhost, I don't have such an issue.
> So I don't understand how to identify the reason of this problem.
First, please do not add your signature in the current form to your posts. It is irrelevant here 
and it takes too much time to delete them...

You did not mention that the db is running on a different host. You could publish your odbc.ini, 
but essentially you need to find out whether there is a problem with your LAN or the way you 
have configured things. Start a pcap trace and look for delays related to dns, etc...

It is likely that your problem is not related to Asterisk.

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