[asterisk-users] Regarding SIP-T/SIP-I support in Asterisk.

DHAVAL INDRODIYA dhaval.it01034 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 06:06:51 CDT 2014

Hello Group Members,

I have one question regarding SIP-I/SIP-T support in any of Asterisk

We have client which send SIP-I/SIP-T request can asterisk handle it and
serve as a normal SIP call.

As per mine analysis SIP-I/SIP-T are variant of SIP protocol with adding of
ISUP/SS7 packets to original SIP request.

If we want to support it then how do we implement it and support it with
asterisk . is there any open-source package or tool available to
communicate and works as SIP-T to SIP and SIP to SIP-T gateway. I got a
reference from kamailio which have SIPT module in latest version is anyone
had worked or having an idea regarding this module and its operations .

Hope any one worked and having some idea

Any help appreciated


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