[asterisk-users] High Availability with Asterisk

Thorolf Godawa nospam at godawa.de
Thu Mar 6 09:21:02 CST 2014

Hi everybody,

what are the current options to get an Asterisk-system high available?

Using two servers as active/passive with DRBD, Pacemaker/Corosync works
very good, there are no quality issues of the voice quality, even not on
high loaded servers and no problems with a lot of small packages.

But for this you need two systems for every Asterisk-system, what is not
"economic" in any way.

Using (para-)virtualization with Xen could be an other option, on
systems with low load this works reliable, but what happens on systems
with high load? Are there any issues known about problems with the
realtime, packet loss etc. because it runs in a VM?

The idea would be having a HA-cluster of two servers with Xen, each of
them runs one instance of an Asterisk-system in a single VM and on a
failure the VM will be restarted on the other node.

This might result in a much higher load on this node, because is runs
two VMs, but for a short period, until the other node comes back again,
it might be tolerable.

Are there other options running two Asterisk-instances parallel on one
system, each binded on it's own IP, maybe s.th. with chroot or similar?

Thanks a lot,

kind regards,


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