[asterisk-users] CLID Presentation & Billing Number | Diversion vs. Remote-Party-ID vs. P-Asserted-Id vs. From vs. P-Charge-info

Positively Optimistic positivelyoptimistic at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 09:10:56 CDT 2014

We would like to present a toll free CallerID when making outbound toll
calls.  In the past, when our PRIs were directly connected to a Nortel
CS1000 we could do this, without issue.  Now that the PRIs are front ended
by a mediagateway facing asterisk, we can no longer do this.

Is it possible to set the billing number via a SIP header and set what
should be presented as callerid as another header for presentation?

We can't possibly be the only people in the world that has faced this
challenge.   Searching the internet has provided limited results.
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