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> yes they're able to hear the same msg, in /var/spool/asterisk/default/
> rm -rf 102
> ln -s 101 102
> but it does not clear out, 
> Thanks, 

That is where your setup and mine are different. I have my second 
extension directly check the first extensions mailbox as opposed to using 
a symlink. That way, when the box is cleared, it is actually happening in 
the original mailbox.

Basically, my code to check voicemail uses the CALLERID(num) to determine 
the mailbox and I have both extensions set to use the same caller ID. This 
works for me as both extensions belong to the same person (one phone at 
the office, one at home) and they want to always have their outbound calls 
show up as if they were from their published number regardless of which 
phone they use.
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