[asterisk-users] Need to spoof the callerid using the AMI Originate

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Fri Jun 13 09:32:29 CDT 2014

We have several customers we need to place outbound calls for (in a single system).  May have to place calls for thousands of different caller ids.  Customer signs a contract guaranteeing the caller id they provide is owned by them.

I have everything setup for AMI Originate and can place the calls.

However, I'm encountering a problem with the caller id.
The system I'm dialing through requires my contact to be something like 1234 at xyz.

If I set the CallerID to something like Jane Doe <1234> it will correctly set my Contact so the system accepts the call and it dials the number.
However, the SIP INVITE message From field is set to "Jane Doe" 1234 at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx<mailto:1234 at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>
Is there a way to make the SIP INVITE message have different caller id values for the From and the Contact fields?

Additionally, is it possible to set the callerid number value to a PSTN number instead of a SIP number at domain?

I tried setting the callerid(num) via the variable field, but that doesn't seem to work.
Below is a sample of the AMI Originate message I'm sending.

Action: Originate
ActionID: MyAction
Channel: SIP/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/1234567890
Exten: testing
Context: MyContext
Priority: 1
Timeout: 30000
CallerID: Jane Doe <123>
Variable: CALLERID(num)=2223334444
Async: true

Have a great day!
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