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I had already done this, but nothing is changed





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On 10 June 2014 05:27, <orteipam at tiscali.it <mailto:orteipam at tiscali.it> > wrote:

Hello there

I'd like to use sip users and peers realtime.
I think I done all I need to get asterisk works fine in realtime:

res_odbc.conf configuration.

sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sipclient
sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sipclient


The sipclient table as suggest in this article: SIP Realtime, MySQL table structure ( <https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/SIP+Realtime%2C+MySQL+table+structure> https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ ... +structure)

The user registered on asterisk works fine, but not the peer.
I'd like to use my voipdiscount account as a peer to do external call.

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport ACL Port Status Realtime
2000/2000 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx D N 65476 OK (117 ms) Cached RT

Mysql entry on sipclient table is below:

"3" "XXXXXXXX "sip.voipdiscount.com <http://sip.voipdiscount.com> " "5060" \N "XXXXXXXXXX" \N \N \N \N "sip.voipdiscount.com <http://sip.voipdiscount.com> " "peer" "default" \N \N "XXXXXXXXXXX" \N "" \N "rfc2833" "yes" "no" \N \N \N \N \N "port,invite" \N \N \N \N \N \N "01234556678" \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N "sip.voipdiscount.com <http://sip.voipdiscount.com> " "XXXXXXXXX" "yes" \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N "XXXXXXXXXX" \N "voipdiscount_out" \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N \N

I enabled also sip debug, but I don't see any attempt towards sip.voipaccount.com <http://sip.voipaccount.com> 
What am I doing wrong?
Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance



Try changing the type from peer to friend.







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