[asterisk-users] second connected PBX not showing Caller ID

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> Subject: [asterisk-users] second connected PBX not showing Caller ID
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> Hello,
> We have two asterisk PBXs connected. 
> PBX 1 has SIP trunks connected to our provider.  PBX 2 is a remote 
> PBX and SIP Trunk connected to PBX 1. 
> We are able to dial extensions either way and PBX 2 is able to dial 
> out using PBX 1  SIP trunks connected to our provider.
> We would like to use a separated Caller-ID for PBX 2 and cannot 
> figure out how to do this.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Claude 


Without seeing your dialing plan, it is hard to say for certain what you 
should do. However, there are a couple of things you could check.

1. When a call comes in from PBX 2 to PBX 1, does it have the caller ID 
you want already set? If so, then something in PBX 1 is overwriting it. 
The way to handle this is to have a separate path set up for external 
calls that come in from PBX 2. That way you can ensure that your caller ID 
isn't getting clobbered. If you are sure that you are setting the CID 
correctly before the call goes out, look at the next item.

2. Does your SIP provider allow you to set your caller ID? I have seen 
three answers to this question. Some allow you to set the CID to any 
number you want, even if it isn't a valid number or one you own. Some 
allow you to set it to any number, as long as it is one you own through 
them. Finally, some of them let you pick one number and all calls get that 
CID regardless of what you set before you send the call to them. If your 
provider falls into the third category, you will need to contact them to 
find out if you can be allowed to set your CID to a different number. I 
had a provider for one of my locations that defaulted to one number only, 
but was happy to make a change to allow me to set it to whatever number I 
wanted out of the ones they provided service for.

If neither of these work, we would likely need more details to be able to 
help spot the problem.
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