[asterisk-users] Subscription-State always active ?

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Thu Jul 31 09:07:28 CDT 2014

On 31-07-14 15:06, Joshua Colp wrote:
> Jonas Kellens wrote:
>> On 31-07-14 14:28, Joshua Colp wrote:
>>> Jonas Kellens wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I read on Yealink support that Yealink IP-phones expect
>>>> "Subscription-State:terminated" for there Presence/BLF-functionality.
>>>> So how can I get "Subscription-State:terminated" on Asterisk ?
>>> That would be a bit strange as the subscription would then be
>>> terminated, no more NOTIFY messages would go to it which would defeat
>>> the purpose of subscribing to something. The only way to achieve that
>>> would be to have the phone unsubscribe or to change the code to force
>>> it to terminate the subscription under certain circumstances. This
>>> would require knowing the exact specifications and details of what
>>> they expect and when. Is there currently a problem you are facing with
>>> subscription support?
>> Hello,
>> this "Subscription-State:terminated" is expected when the IP-phone goes
>> offline (Unregister or cut off from power).
> I would expect that if the phone that went offline was subscribed to 
> stuff and the subscription expired.
>> At that moment indeed the IP-phone no longer sends NOTIFY messages.
>> Also, Asterisk knows very well the SIP peer becomes unreachable (see my
>> first post). But still Asterisk replies "Subscription-State: active" to
>> the IP-phones that request the state of the offline SIP peer.
> Generally IP phones don't send NOTIFY messages. They are sent NOTIFY 
> messages to inform them of the state of things they have subscribed to 
> (such as devices or mailboxes).
>> Yealink expects "Subscription-State:terminated" so the Yealink IP-phone
>> can put out the BLF light (in stead of staying in a green mode, which
>> indicates that the SIP peer is still online but not in a call).
> Sending Subscription-State:terminated terminates the subscription. If 
> the device in question comes back online you can't send any new NOTIFY 
> messages because the subscription is gone. The state of what you are 
> subscribed to and the underlying state of the subscription itself are 
> different things.
>> So I can follow the Yealink logic. Can you ?
> Not really as it doesn't make sense to me. Do you have a link to the 
> documentation for this?
> I've also done a search on the issue tracker and there have been no 
> issues filed ever about subscriptions and specifically Yealink.


I was reading this post : 


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