[asterisk-users] How to diagnose early media on a PRI

Justin Killen jkillen at allamericanasphalt.com
Thu Jul 24 17:10:59 CDT 2014

I have a dialplan (freepbx) that plays a busy signal in-band when an extension is busy (before an Answer).  Stripped down, it looks like this:
exten => 1005,n,PlayTones(busy)
exten => 1005,n,Busy(20)
Note that there is no Answer() prior to this.  Our trunk is a PRI.

When I call into this extension from outside, I get about 25 seconds of ringing, followed by a hangup.  Looking at the asterisk logs, 20 seconds of that delay is AFTER the PlayTones() function is invoked.  I talked with our Telco about this, and they want to refer to in-band tones prior to answer as a media cut-through.  The tech said that it is enabled on their end, and he did some test calls and got some ISDN trap logs.  He is saying that the PBX is playing the ring-back tone instead of the busy tone, but I don't think that's the case (If I add an Answer() to the dialplan, I do in fact hear the busy tone).
Is there anybody out there who has experience with reading/analyzing IDSN trap logs (Q931) that can help me narrow down where the issue is and how to fix it?


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