[asterisk-users] Software echo with Jack module

Katu Txakur katutxakurra at yahoo.es
Tue Jul 22 03:15:41 CDT 2014


I'm running Asterisk 11.7.0 with app_jack and I'm finding a software echo.
When I answer a call, I get two dahdi jack ports to connect the call. One
for the phone mic and the other one for the phone headset. The audio that I
send to the phone, comes back in the other jack port. For example, If I
create a jack metro that beeps every second and I connect it to the jack
port that goes to the phone headset, I can hear it, as expected, in the
phone. However, I can also hear it coming back in the jack port for the
phone mic.
I've tried different versions, different phones, a softphone... I'm pretty
sure that this is not a hardware echo.
Has anyone experienced this problem or can give me some advice to try to
solve this?

If I change the txgain and rxgain, the echo gets better, but it doesn't go

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