[asterisk-users] incoming calls fall into echo test mode

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Mon Jul 21 03:25:55 CDT 2014

On Saturday 19 Jul 2014, Norman Molhant wrote:

> I tried many things on our FreePBX box and found out
> the problem seems somehow linked with the customer's
> extension (or phone number), not his inbound route
> (changing the latter has no effect on the problem).
> Creating a new extension with another phone number
> would solve the problem (I tried it and it works),
> but this customer wants to keep his current phone
> number and when I tried deleting his extension then
> creating a new one with his current phone number,
> the new extension presented the same problem as the
> previous one...
> Anyone knows what could cause such a problem and/or
> how to solve it ?

You really have supplied incomplete information here, by neglecting to mention 
the actual extension number which is causing the problems.  That would have 
had somebody onto it like a shot.  What follows is an educated guess based on 
the most likely scenario according to the available information:

Somewhere in your dialplan, probably in a section that has already been 
"helpfully" configured for you by FreePBX, the extension number you assigned to 
your customer has been appropriated for an echotest.

I suggest to grep for  (firstly)  the extension number in question, and  (if 
that does not work, perhaps because the echotest is a wildcard match aot a 
literal one)  then search instead for 'exten[ ]*=>'  (afraid that one will 
give you many more hits .....  you'll have to look through them yourself)  
under /etc/asterisk.  Use the -R option to search subfolders as well.


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