[asterisk-users] Checking for human answer

Valter Nogueira vgnogueira at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 09:34:03 CDT 2014

We redirect calls to another pbx - which are not under our control.

So, we need to distinguish when an operator answer from the time the call
stays on queue.

To do so, we use dial cmd with M option. M calls a macro that repeats a
digit (saydigit) until someone dial it.

When operator dials the correct digit we finish the macro making it to be
bridged (caller and called).

It almost works perfectly - the problem lays that macro knows if called
hangs-out but not if caller hangs-out - so que keep repeating digit even
when caller quits the call.

Does someone know a solutions or even an alternative implementation to make
such thing works?

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