[asterisk-users] Transfer call question

Nick Awesome jleed at me.com
Fri Jul 18 03:15:32 CDT 2014

Hello guys,

I have trunk “10000", Internal num “99" and MeetMe “1010"

now I calling 99 -> 89264959635 via 10000

 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_channel] => PJSIP/99-00000012
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_callerid] => 99
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_calleridname] => 99
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_context] => dialmap
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_extension] => 89264959635

then I would like to direct transfer this call to 1010
and when I do that from my phone I getting this agi_request in AGI: 

 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_channel] => PJSIP/10000-00000013
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_callerid] => 89264959635
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_calleridname] => unknown
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_context] => dialmap
 /pbx/agi.php:             [agi_extension] => 1010

There is no information who is transferring that call, so AGI thinks that it is inbound call and hangup it because in my case "external 89264959635 to internal 1010 is denied".
is there way do determine that call was transfered from 99 so I can use route table of abonent 99 to connect the call properly?

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