[asterisk-users] Asterisk 12.4 IMAP VM Issue - Can't move messages between folders

Dave Fullerton dfullertasterisk at shorelinecontainer.com
Thu Jul 17 08:46:07 CDT 2014

Hello all,
   I'm running into an issue with Asterisk 12.4 and IMAP voicemail. I 
have asterisk set up to connect to my Dovecot IMAP server and I can 
leave and retrieve messages from my inbox and old messages. However, I 
am unable to move messages between folders. I get a message from 
asterisk stating "Sorry the users mailbox can't accept more messages". 
Here is my setup:

In Voicemail.conf I have the following set:

On my imap server, I have the following folder structure:


I did a packet capture on my imap server and found that when I go to 
move a message from Old messages to Family the following happens:
Asterisk issues a "CREATE Voicemail.Family" which succeeds with "OK 
Create completed" (The folder is successfully created if it does not 
exist, I can see it in thunderbird).
Then Asterisk issues a "COPY 1 Family" which fails with "NO [TRYCREATE] 
Mailbox Doesn't exist: Family" I don't think Asterisk is using the value 
of imapparentfolder when copying the message. The COPY command should be 
"COPY 1 Voicemail.Family".

Is there something I am missing in my configuration or is this a bug?

Thank you

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