[asterisk-users] try to work asterisk 11.11 with ice-upd

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Jul 15 13:19:20 CDT 2014

ricky gutierrez wrote:
> I have configured support for ice in sip.conf, and made a connection
> with motif to jingle, but does not work for me
> [Jul 15 12:03:32] ERROR[21758]: chan_motif.c:1955
> jingle_interpret_ice_udp_transport: Received ICE-UDP transport
> information on session '8b4hdffbt37vg' but ICE support not available
>      -- Executing [s at xmpp-in:1] NoOp("Motif/allan-ce76", " llamada de
> usuario XMPP ") in new stack

Do you have the uuid development library installed? It is an optional 
dependency and without it res_rtp_asterisk will not be built with ICE 

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