[asterisk-users] Pickup problem

Massimo Nuvoli massimo at archivio.it
Fri Jul 11 17:01:38 CDT 2014

Il 11/07/2014 16:45, Rusty Newton ha scritto:
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Massimo Nuvoli <massimo at archivio.it> wrote:
>> I found a very strange proble whit two asterisk servers in the same network.
>> Scenario
>> Asterisk A with extensions 5XX
>> Asterisk B with extensions 2XX
>> There is NO link between the two asterisks.
>> Call from 501 to 503, 503 ringing
>> Call from 201 to 203, 203 ringing
>> The 202 extension comand a pickup (i dont manage this Asterisk, i think with
>> the Pickup command).
>> The 202 answer the 501 call and not the 201.
> <snip>
> Your description of the issue doesn't make any sense. You seem to be
> describing an extension on one Asterisk system using call pickup to
> pickup a call on another Asterisk system with no connection between
> the two.
> There is nowhere near enough information here to tell what is going on.
> Can you post an Asterisk full log showing the extension performing a
> call pickup? With that information someone may be able to help you.
I found the problem, and i want to share here :-)

The problem was.. that the two asterisks casually take a same ip address 
on a side subnet.

The only phone doing nasty things was on this subnet...

So this is why all things happens.

Really i cant figure this before a deep search of a reason, that was 
impossibile, and IS impossibile.

But... i found how is possibile to take up a phone call ringing on a 
asterisk server... very very very bad.



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