[asterisk-users] Pickup problem

Massimo Nuvoli massimo at archivio.it
Wed Jul 9 15:55:31 CDT 2014

I found a very strange proble whit two asterisk servers in the same network.


Asterisk A with extensions 5XX
Asterisk B with extensions 2XX

There is NO link between the two asterisks.

Call from 501 to 503, 503 ringing
Call from 201 to 203, 203 ringing

The 202 extension comand a pickup (i dont manage this Asterisk, i think 
with the Pickup command).
The 202 answer the 501 call and not the 201.

extensions 5XX are all SNOM
extensions 2XX are all Grandstream GX2000

This is the first time i can see two asterisk in the same net so...




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