[asterisk-users] How to monitor non-SNMP SIP devices ?

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> Hi,

> I'm seeing a trend in which SIP devices such as Yealink SIP phones 
> (with v72 firmware), are dropping support of SNMP in favor of "HTTP 
> eventing" if may call this as such :
> when configuring the SIP device, you can define a couple of HTTP URL
> which triggered when some event occur (end of boot, on hook, ...).

> How do deal with those devices ?
> Do you still try to monitor them with usual tools (Nagios, OpenNMS) 
> or do you favor another  class of software ?

We don't monitor our phone endpoints (we do our trunks), but if I were to, 
I would probably set up a simple webserver with some php that would write 
the logs to a sql database. 

What you describe isn't really as good as snmp though, because I can have 
my monitoring system poll snmp devices, whereas HTTP eventing depends on 
an event happening to trigger the contact. If the phone goes down hard or 
locks up, I may not know there is a problem or just no events have 
happened. I hope at the least, they have a keep alive event that can 
periodically access the url to indicate all is well. 

On things I want to monitor, I just don't like the idea of not being able 
to have my monitoring system talk to them and depending on them talking to 
my monitoring system. That would probably make me heavily reconsider 
buying any more of their products if it was something I depended on.
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