[asterisk-users] CDR dcontext not updated on FAILED and BUSY calls

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    Check out this in cdr.conf. You may want to set it to yes. From cdr.conf.sample:


; In brief, this option controls the reporting of unanswered calls which only have an A 

; party. Calls which get offered to an outgoing line, but are unanswered, are still 

; logged, and that is the intended behaviour. (It also results in some B side CDRs being

; output, as they have the B side channel as their source channel, and no destination 

; channel.)

;unanswered = no





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We're using asterisk Our inbound calls are routed into the default context with explicit number matching. If found they are passed on to a distinct context for the number being called using the Goto application.


If the call is successful or even if it has no answer, the cdr dcontext field has the correct second context.


However, if the call fails or is busy, and even though we can see it is executing a step in the second context as show in the cdr lastdata field, the dcontext still shows as default.


Is this a bug or expected behaviour? If it is expected behaviour, what is the reasoning behind it?


Thanks in advance





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