[asterisk-users] Asterisk crashes when reloading configs...

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomabmex.com
Wed Jul 2 12:38:45 CDT 2014

     I am having a very strange problem.  We use Asterisk 11.X (have 
tried several versions, including certified) which reads its config 
files in realtime from a SQLITE3 database.  Everything runs fine but 
lately asterisk has been crashing when we issue a "reload" command via 
Manager.  Our web interface uses AMI to reload the dialplan and right 
after it does that ( I can see the results on the CLI) asterisk 
crashes.  This does not seem to happen every time but some days it 
crashes often.  Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?

Telecomunicaciones Abiertas de México S.A. de C.V.
Carlos Chávez
+52 (55)9116-91161

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