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andrew Colin andrew at vsave.co.za
Tue Jul 1 11:13:34 CDT 2014

Problem with this is client needs to listen to the call recordings and my interface will only display .wav or .mp3 so they will moan if they have to wait until the next day for today's recordings

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</div>i would go for recording into wav.
then at regular intervals eg every night at 01:00 i would start a script to convert the wav to mp3 and then delete the wav files.
it is really easy.

On 30/6/2014 23:30, Scott Griepentrog wrote:
​You will not be able to able to save much space if any by using MP3 instead of ulaw or wav -- at least not without expending a lot           of CPU time to encode the file at a very low bitrate which sounds pretty bad even with just speech.  One of the better space savings options for recordings or voicemail is gsm.  Of           course, using an MP3 format just because you ​prefer that is understandable.

Additionally, I'm nearly 100% certain that Asterisk does not support encoding and directly writing MP3 files.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 3:11 PM, andrew Colin <andrew at vsave.co.za>           wrote:
Hey guys

Is it possible to record with mixmonitor straight into mp3.

I am trying to reduce disk space and want my calls to be recorded in mp3 Instead of wav.

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Dear concern,

I want to configure packet2packet bridging in asterisk.
How could I do this any of the tutorial or instructions will help ?

I found the setting the canreinvite=yes  will do the stuff but it is not working 

I am using asterisk 12.3 version 

I am very new to asterisk please help me in doing the same.

Thanks in advance.  

Sameer Rathod

Sameer Rathod

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