[asterisk-users] Temporarily placing confbridge participants on hold - two way muting

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    You may want to check out the 3rd party Asterisk module app_konference.
You can find it at http://sourceforge.net/projects/appkonference. I have
customers using it for the last year or so with very few problems. One
customer is routinely running conferences with 80 - 100 users on a Pentium 4
without any problems. One of the things that I like about it is that it
comes with a PERL script that continually runs in the background that
controls most of the features like processing DTMF input, kicking users,
muting users, etc, so it makes it very easy to make modifications and add
new features. I use the module enough that I was able to justify rewriting
the entire script myself.

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Is there a way of temporarily suspending participants in a conference?
Say I have 5 users, A,B,C,D,E and I wish A, B and C to have a discussion in
the confbridge session that D and E can't hear, is there a way to suspend D
and E for a while (whilst they are played music or whatever) and later join
them back in?
Failing that, I was considering kicking them and using an AGI script to
rejoin them to the conference but I wasn't sure how to do that from the
script (the rejoin, not the kick)?
Any pointers or suggestions welcomed.
(In a nutshell it's for a situation where certain participants need to have
privacy in the conference from a group of others and it all needs to be
driven from an AGI script).

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