[asterisk-users] Asterisk as a client: can I get the remote SIP server to ignore rport?

Andres andres at telesip.net
Fri Feb 21 08:12:16 CST 2014

> And I'm pretty sure if you look at any of those peers that have a 
> non-5060 port, the routers in front of them will rewrite packets 
> destined for ports 53277, 4121, 47822 etc. to the proper corresponding 
> internal IP:port where something is listening. The router of my 
> provider won't. It rewrites ports on outgoing packets, but it passes 
> incoming packets 1:1 to the VM.
Wow, if this is the case then I would be changing VM providers 
immediately.    You would have problems not only with Asterisk but with 
most other services you wanted to host on it.  There are many VM 
providers out there that work just fine with Asterisk even on a 1:1 NAT 
like Amazon Web Services.
> IMHO, my hosting provider is at fault, and I'm working with them to 
> get it fixed. I was just wondering if there is some magic switch which 
> can fix such a broken scenario.
> Thank you!
> Markus

Technical Support

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