[asterisk-users] Dialer software for Asterisk...

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomabmex.com
Fri Feb 14 13:18:21 CST 2014

     I have a customer with a more or less unique need.  Right now we 
are using Wombat as a dialer software so they can contact clients for QA 
purposes.  Everything is working very well and their contact center 
productivity is way up from the old manual dialing method.

     The only thing we are having a problem with is that they have up to 
5 phone numbers to contact a single customer.  Obviously we cannot load 
all numbers into the dialer because we do not want to contact the same 
customer 5 times.  Does anyone know of a dialer for Asterisk that can 
take several phone numbers for the same contact and if any of those 
answers it will not try the other numbers?  Most of the dialers I have 
looked at cannot relate information for different numbers so there is no 
way to tell if you have already contacted a specific customer with a 
different number.

     I really do not want to develop a new dialer software (well, while 
the dialer is not that difficult the interfaces, reports and backends 
are a pain to maintain).  Anyone know of a commercial or open source 
software that can handle this kind of dialing?

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