[asterisk-users] Problem/error with DAHDI tools

Shaun Ruffell sruffell at digium.com
Wed Feb 12 12:03:45 CST 2014

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 05:49:49PM +0000, Rodrigo Borges Pereira wrote:
> Hello Shaun,
> This system is a custom distro, based on debian and currently built around
> kernel Is sem_open introduced only in DAHDI 2.9 ?

Yes. It was added in [1] in order to prevent errors when multiple
invocations of dahdi_cfg are run in parallel. I've updated the error
messages [2] on the master branch of dahdi-tools. That might provide
some more information about why sem_open is failing on this

[1] http://git.asterisk.org/gitweb/?p=dahdi/tools.git;a=commit;h=9989b8779cef3
[2] http://git.asterisk.org/gitweb/?p=dahdi/tools.git;a=commit;h=066fa2aff33ba32

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