[asterisk-users] Asterisk intrusion detection/prevention, georgaphic IP banning, etc. (new software)

Michelle Dupuis mdupuis at ocg.ca
Sat Feb 8 11:15:21 CST 2014

I'm looking for some beta testers to provide feedback on an Asterisk intrusion detection & prevention program we're releasing soon.

As a quick overview, the program provides:
- banning based on geographic location of source IP (Continent, country, region, city, etc)
- detection and banning based on channels in use by a user
- detection and banning based on rate of dialing
- detection and banning based on common intrusion patterns
- exclusion of banning based on ip masks (so you don't ban your own users)
- exclusion of users/peers, etc
- monitors dials, registratoins, call volumes, activities, etc. through AMI
- and of course everything fail2ban does (and more, on steroids)
- and more

What I'm looking for in beta testers
- Must run Red Hat 6 or Ubuntu 12 (LTS), both x86_64 (this is a precompiled binary for obvious reasons - the pattern detection algorithm will not be released or described in detail)
- Must run Asterisk 1.4 through 11 (not tested against Asterisk 12 yet, but if your're curious maybe we add 1 beta user for this)
- Must be technical savvy (to provide us with usefull feedback)
- Ideally allow us SSH access to your test box if you find a problem
- Must capture Asterisk & system logs if you detect a problem, and send them to us with details.
- Speak english well enough to describe problem
- You (or your clients) run high volume Asterisk systems.
- People with ideas!  We want your suggestions and feedback...

I'm looking for users with different Asterisk versions, high call volumes, and ideally who are getting lots of attacks.  You can run this in PARALLEL to fail2ban if you want (for comfort) but this product includes all fail2ban functionilty (and more, on steroids).  The program is finishing alpha testing (no memory leaks, won't crash your system, etc) - so should be safe (with regular beta disclaimer of course).  It's written entirely in C and C++ so it does not consume a lot of system resources.

For you, you can keep and run the software as is, forever, etc (no timebombs etc), and you get to steer the product features to meet you (or your customers) needs.  While this product targets call centers, ITSP's etc. there will also be a free home/non-commercial version.   You would be testing free software, with all features, no limitations, etc.

If you are interested and fit the criteria above, please contact me off  list.

Many thanks!

P.S.  The non-commercial free version will be under beta test, and there is no payment for being a beta tester (I want to ensure this post follows the rules for the asterisk-users-list).  Thanks.

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