[asterisk-users] Best approach in asterisk configuration

Michel Verbraak michel at verbraak.org
Tue Feb 4 09:55:03 CST 2014

op 04-02-14 09:29, sylvain Gotri schreef:
> Hi ,
> I have asterisk 1.8.5 installed on Centos 6. Now I want to configure
> my PBX to work in my network. I see that I can do this with asterisk
> files or use database like mysql to do it (realtime)
> I want to know what is the best way and what can be consequence when I
> choose  other way ?
> Thanks.

My experience is that Realtime in mysql works good for sip users and
queues. To put your dialplan into the database depends on how big it
will be and how many calls it will handle.
As the Asterisk documentation says when your dialplan grows the load on
your database will grow exponentialy. This is because for each incoming
call it will go through all the records in the dialplan. When your
dialplan is in a text file this will only be loaded once on startup or
when you do a manual reload.

In my environment I have a static dialplan in the extensions.conf file
and a dynamic part which i query through an AGI and php scripts. These
scripts are optimized for querying the database. The dynamic dialplan in
the database is managed by a custom  made webservice (apache/php/mysql)

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