[asterisk-users] Telco with multipe SIP servers

Gareth Blades mailinglist+asterisk at dns99.co.uk
Mon Feb 3 03:39:26 CST 2014

On 02/02/14 14:42, Markus Reschke wrote:
> Hi!
> My telco is Deutsche Telekom and they got about 30 SIP servers right 
> now. Currently I've set up a template for incoming calls in sip.conf 
> and added each SIP server by it's IP address like this:
> [DTAG-in-1](DTAG-in-template)
> host=
> ...
> [DTAG-in-30](DTAG-in-template)
> host=
> I've done that to improve security and to be able to assign all calls 
> coming in via Deutsche Telekom to a dedicated dialplan context. 
> Unfortunately this approach is not scalable and it's a PITA to 
> maintain a list of server IP addresses since Deutsche Telekom will get 
> more SIP servers in the future. They've started to migrate the classic 
> POTS/ISDN network to VoIP, the goal is get it done by 2016. Customers 
> with DSL get VoIP directly, i.e. they need SIP phones or a SIP PBX, 
> and customers with a phone line only are converted by the MSAN. And 
> they don't provide an official list of the SIP servers :-( By some 
> reverse engineering I found out that all SIP servers are within a 
> specific subnet. Is there any way to match peers by subnet(s) instead 
> of FQDNs or single IP addresses? If not, it would be a feature really 
> needed to be able to cope with telcos running multiple or tons of SIP 
> servers.
> cu, Markus

You could consider making use of opensips. We use it for inbound sip 
connections and its fairly easy to get it to perform a database lookup 
against a connecting IP address and pull out a record and pass that onto 
Asterisk using a custom header. Asterisk can then trust connections from 
opensips and you can read in the custom header and have the dialplan 
decide what to do based upon the value.

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