[asterisk-users] Telco with multipe SIP servers

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Sun Feb 2 11:09:07 CST 2014

On 14-02-02 10:42 AM, Markus Reschke wrote:
> Hi!



> I've done that to improve security and to be able to assign all calls
> coming in via Deutsche Telekom to a dedicated dialplan context.
> Unfortunately this approach is not scalable and it's a PITA to maintain
> a list of server IP addresses since Deutsche Telekom will get more SIP
> servers in the future. They've started to migrate the classic POTS/ISDN
> network to VoIP, the goal is get it done by 2016. Customers with DSL get
> VoIP directly, i.e. they need SIP phones or a SIP PBX, and customers
> with a phone line only are converted by the MSAN. And they don't provide
> an official list of the SIP servers :-( By some reverse engineering I
> found out that all SIP servers are within a specific subnet. Is there
> any way to match peers by subnet(s) instead of FQDNs or single IP
> addresses? If not, it would be a feature really needed to be able to
> cope with telcos running multiple or tons of SIP servers.

Mucking in chan_sip to add this functionality is not something I'd
really want to do... matching there is complicated and anything to do
with chan_sip is prone to introducing some sort of regression. If we
were to add that feature it would certainly require tons of tests.

That being said...

When I was doing the new SIP channel driver for 12 (chan_pjsip) I knew
people would want this functionality and due to the way it's architected
there it was very easy to do. You can specify IP addresses and subnets
and they all get mapped back to a single entity (called an endpoint in

I'm sorry this doesn't help you right now with chan_sip but I just
wanted to show that the future is bright and that we do listen. ^_^


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