[asterisk-users] asterisk-users Digest, Vol 125, Issue 33

Lukasz Sokol el.es.cr at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 03:11:19 CST 2014

On 30/12/14 06:22, Stefan Viljoen wrote:
> I think you're overcomplicating your problem. (if I understand you
> correctly!)

This is probably right ;) in both parts

> Your scenario is almost exactly ours, except we use ATCOM-820P's (with LCD
> displays) and no softphones. So incoming CID is displayed on the phone's
> physical LCD displays.

Well I did the other way round - I created an app in FreePascal under Windows,
entered into onIncomingCall option of MicroSip [btw wrongly described as CSipSimple before]
that allows user to copy the number to clipboard and then paste it to the search
function of the CRM (web-based - eGropware). Exactly /because/ my phones have no LCD's ... :)

> What we did is write our own C# dialler app - all this effectively does
> (through a third-party server app we designed) is connect over the AMI to
> the Asterisk instance and then use the "originate" function to originate a
> call to the user's phone.

Yeah, Going To check this 'originate' thingy definitively (Ryan Wagoner also suggested this)

> Behind this is a database where we store which logged in user in the dialler
> app is which extension - e. g. by updating the DB we can "send" a call
> originated by one user "anywhere" among the group of SIP phones connected to
> the Asterisk.
> E. g. I think you can do this too?

Definitively, going to check this out. Time allowing, probably somewhere in January ;)

> Instead of them copying the number into the softphone (causing all your SIP
> pain / confusion to get the "real" phone to then ring with an outgoing call
> queued to that number) have a second app running (it can be TINY - both in
> amount of code and on-screen presence) - that does an AMI originate with the
> Asterisk and sends the desktop originated call to the relevant hardphone?

Alternatively if the MicroSIP softphone could do that 'originate' :) 
(Advantage: one app less to run in the background)

> Thereby avoiding the extremely complicated SIP setup / manipulation you want
> to do...
> Just a thought.

Thanks, appreciated :)

> Regards
> Stefan
Kind Regards

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