[asterisk-users] Pickup/steal calls

Rui Mota ruimota at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 09:01:37 CST 2014

Hi. I am replacing a legacy Alcatel PBX for asterisk and now i'm facing a request i can't answer yet: I need to replicate the "Call Pickup" function from Alcatel, mostly when used by a secretary picking up a call from his manager. The pickup function, as i'm already using her is not enough, i need the pickedup number to be shown in the secretary phone. Is this doable, using pickup or any other way?

The situation is: The manager's phone is ringing. The secretary has a module keys with his key blinking. She presses the key to pickup the call, and needs to see the original caller id, to know how she should answer the phone (internal/external call, other manager calling, a friend, etc)

Thank you in advance.

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