[asterisk-users] Smartphone Mobility App?

Guenther Boelter gboelter at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 08:38:48 CST 2014

Try zoiper ...
On Dec 19, 2014 10:29 PM, "chris" <tknchris at gmail.com> wrote:

Anyone found any good smartphone apps that connect with their asterisk
boxes that provides basic mobility features?

The main problem we are trying to solve is when our staff  forward to their
cell phones they cant distinguish if the call was directed at their cell
phone or the business DID.

We also would like to give user ability to control DND and forwarding of
their extension from the smartphone.

I know there are many cloud service providers with a offering like this but
we are not looking to change our service infrastructure but rather looking
for just a software product that connects to our existing asterisk systems
and provides this functionality.

We would ideally like something for both iphone and android but the
immediate need is for iPhone

Curious to hear what people have tried, their experiences, etc.

We are open to both free/open source as well as commercial software as long
as it is multitenant or scalable beyond single server.


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