[asterisk-users] Six seconds hangup

Brynjólfur Þorvarðsson binni at binni.eu
Tue Dec 16 07:05:34 CST 2014


Hello all


Over the last couple of months we’ve been experiencing a strange problem,
which I’ve been unable to solve.


We have an Asterisk 1.4.19 that’s been running happily for the last several
years. All calls go through an AGI server from dialplan.


On average we have appr. 3000 incoming calls/day. All calls go in via the
AGI server, various sound files and menus are played, and every single call
ends up in a queue.


Every now and then, when one of our SIP customer answers a call from his/her
queue, the call is connected but hangs up in 6 seconds (seems surprisingly
constant). Both ends of the call can hear each other for a second or two
(not as many as 6 seconds) before the call hangs up.


The frequency of this happening is difficult establish precisely, we have
some 40 customers, and they don’t always tell me when this happens. The
worst I have heard of is this morning, where one of our customers
experienced 1 in 4 calls having this problem. Last week the frequency for
this customer was more in the region of 1 in 50.


In all cases the second attempt seems to succeed, i.e. the originating
caller tries again and gets through “properly” the second time.


I have not been able to find anything in the log files for Asterisk or the
AGI server. I’ve not run a SIP trace, as this would be a major undertaking
with our traffic and the sporadic nature of the problem – but if all else
fails, I’ll try that!


At one point I thought it might be a problem with RTP channels and tried
setting them to default values, but that has not had any effect. The sound
goes through fine in both directions, but only for a couple of seconds.


I hope someone here will be able to help me!


Thanks in advance.



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